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Filing Statistical Reports Online

Welcome to “Filing Statistical Reports Online,” a simple, user-friendly program developed by the Atlantic County Utilities Authority for the New Jersey Clean Communities Council that makes it possible for Clean Communities Coordinators to file statistical reports online.

The Statistical Report Form is simple.  It includes four sections:

  • Contact Information
  • Financial Information
  • Programmatic Information
  • Program – Overall Performance

The process is simple:

  • Log on to  Click on File Reports Online. Click on File Your Statistical Report.
  • Fill in the information requested - Where there is no information to report, type in a zero.  No blank fields are permitted on the form.
  • Review the report before you submit it.  There are no blank fields permitted (type in a zero,) and reported expenses may not exceed the starting grant amount.
  • Once you SAVE the report, you will receive a message that says: “Your report has been successfully saved. Your existing report number is xxx.” 
  • Use the Existing Report Number to re-open your report.
  • Once you successfully SUBMIT the report, you will receive a system-generated message that says: “Thank you for submitting your Statistical Report...”
  • Once you successfully SUBMIT your report, the report cannot be revised.

Special Features:

  • The confirmation email you receive after you SUBMIT is your confirmation that the report has been successfully filed into the system.
  • If the system takes you back to your form after you SUBMIT, there is either a blank field, OR there reported expenses exceeded the starting grant amount.
  • County coordinators will receive copies of reports submitted by municipal coordinators in their counties.
  • Contact information in the central database can be used to correspond with coordinators.
  • The program automatically converts bags and pounds to tons.
  • The program keeps a running total of data in a central database.
Data can be translated into diagrams and charts for use in the Report to the Governor and Legislators