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Slam Dunk the Junk

Help the New Jersey Clean Communities Council send the message of “clean and green” to all New Jerseyans. Join our online team of people who have committed to “Slam Dunk the Junk”. Click on the button below to sign the “Slam Dunk the Junk” support petition.

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Blanca Serrano - Elizabeth: Re use , recycle and toss trash in the appropriate receptacle. Volunteer community clean up.

Gina Cohl - Mount Laurel: By participating in community cleanup days and not littering.

Donna K. Jenkins - East Orange: I pledge to teach my students to Keep New Jersey Clean and Green. I pledge to encourage my students to keep the school clean. Additionally, I will devote a bulletin board in my classroom and in the hall to Clean and Green

Deserie Bembry - East Orange: I will call or e-mail the State of New Jersey if I am able to concerning State highway cleanliness and the State cleanliness in general.

Arthur Eves - Hoboken: Teaching environmental responsibility and permaculture design.

Danielle Rinaldi - Ewing: I will conduct quarterly cleanups of Banchoff Park in Ewing as a way to help my community and the environment..

Tereekk Dickerson - Elizabeth: I will clean up the junk from the street. i would put my trash in the trash can.i will also help around my city to keep it clean and a better place to live.

Gloria -Manchester: I've been recycling my whole life ... my Mom, God rest her soul,  was an original recycler, reusing as much as she could.  We reduced, recycled and reused long before it was popular!

Kate M. - Toms River: Always recycling anything that can be. Use reusable containers and mugs.

Dory Oswald - Brick: I pledge to always recycle all my junk mail!

Kelly Schmidt - Jackson: I pledge to keep New Jersey clean and green by reducing, reusing and recycling!

Adrienne McAuley - Jersey City: I have, and will continue to participate in clean-up and planting activities through the Riverview Neighborhood Association and am currently working on starting a Farmers Market in our neighborhood.  The Market will include educational booths on being 'clean and green'.

Kelly Cronin - Chatsworth: I pledge to help keep our community clean.  Reduce,re-use and recycle!

Michella Cronin - Chatsworth: I will help to keep our earth clean and beautiful.  I pledge to slam dunk the dunk!

Kaylee Cronin - Chatsworth: I pledge to Slam Dunk the Junk! Keep our earth clean!!

Frank Vento - Palmyra: Continue picking-up the litter that is on the banks of the Delaware River where I live.  I fill four recycle cans and one trash can every two weeks.  Glad to do it!

Miranda Pawline - Delanco: By keeping the DROP Bags Recycling progam alive and making sure that we all keep recycling and placing litter in trash cans...Keep NJ Clean and Green!  Spread the Word!

Pat Tartaglia Passio - Runnemede: To reach and teach every one in the town of Runnemede especially the youth the importance of keeping our town clean and green!!!!

Barbara Prince - Westmont: I pledge to work within my community to educate the public about the importance of keeping our communities clean and to recycle!

Nick Kappatos - Barrington: As a Councilman in the Borough of Runnemede, I pledge to support all of the clean communities programs in my town.

Lillian Calderon - Jersey City: I will teach everybody to recycle in my building and community

Jada - Jersey City: All the time until people learn how to make Jersey City clean and green

Alicja Trzopek - I will always recycle everything that is considered recyclable. I will buy a composter to place in my backyard and I will participate in my school's sustainability program.

Dave Street - Including "Slam Dunk the Junk" song in all of my Clean Communities school assemblies and events and performances. And writing a new book, "Slam Dunk the Junk" out soon to help spread the message!

Crystal McCain - East Orange: I pledge to join the New Jersey clane and green team and support my brother Quamir Payton with all of his efforts as well.

Shannon Kemmerer - Folsom: I pledge to keep  New Jersey Clean and Green for many years to come.

Samantha Vicchiarelli - Somers Point: I pledge to join the team to keep NJ clean and green.

Sammie Howley - Galloway: I pledge to join the team to keep NJ clean and green.

Janet & James McGovern - Forked River: We plan to volunteer in our town clean up day and we would like to adopt a parcel of roadway in Waretown, NJ in memory of William "Bill" Meade who lived on this road and was alway complaining to the town/county on all the trash that was alway on it. The road is Main Street (from Skippers Cove Blvd and Lighthouse Drive) Waretown.

Linda Scott - Cranbury: I pledge to educate and work with residents to help them understand the value of reducing, reusing, and recycling and to take it one step further to purchase items made of recycled content.

Anna Miller - Jersey City: Figuring out how to stop the litter problem among teens in Jersey City Heights.

Tom Elder - Ewing: I have organized a few community clean ups with school groups and plan on educating our residents to keep the streets clean.

Barbara Prince - Westmont: I pledge to keep NJ clean and green through educating the youth of our community.

Lydia Y. Escobar - Paterson: We always pick up after ourselves and others around are neighborhood and also are teaching the young kids not to throw garbage on the floor and how to recycle.

Kathy D. Harrison - East Orange: I will contact building management for my apartment to request the addition of recycling bins to the " garbage room". Presently, there isn't a recycling section. Will also have young people in the U.S. Dream Academy, Inc. create recycled art for a summer project.

Steven Rinaldi - Ewing: I've adopted my street's nearby storm drains. I periodically clean out the litter and yard waste that clogs up the storm drains. I also pick up other assorted litter and broken glass when needed.

Ananka Phanor - Irvington: Dedicate 2 hours per week around my neighborhood picking up trash on the ground.

Butlers Deli - Rumson: We are a solar powered store and want to get the word out to the people that we can all do our part to help.